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Why Chose To Live In Pattaya

Why Chose To Live In Pattaya

There are a million and one places you could decide to live in, so why chose to live in Pattaya?Pattaya beach improvements

Pattaya has undergone serious changes over the last couple of years. There has been a massive surge by the local government to improve Pattaya’s reputation as a tourist destination. Yes we all know that over the years Pattaya has had a stigma attached to it regarding the nightlife activities and all other entertainment aspects that are freely available.

However, with a firm focus on making Pattaya a much more family friendly destination, a lot has changed. Even the die-hard fans of yesteryear will have to admit things are getting better and better.

The underpass that was completed, albeit behind schedule, on Sukhumvit road has eased traffic flow. Gone are the days of queuing up for hours waiting to negotiate the three main roads into the city centre. Now it’s much quicker to pass through the Pattaya Klang turning, a much welcomed improvement.

Beach Road has been under the construction companies hammer, and wow what a difference they are making. The wider walkways have made getting along the bustling sidewalk much easier. At times the sidewalk was almost un-passable, with hordes of Chinese tourists all flocking to either head out to para-glide, or stood in crowds looking through their memorabilia photos to take home.

cleaning up Pattaya CityThere has been a much welcomed introduction, and almost completion of cleaning up Bali Hai Pier. You no longer need to pass by the dirty, smelling tractors that scurry around heaving boats in and out of the water, bellowing dirty fumes and smoke into the air in doing so. The area has been cleaned up, the boats and tractors gone, and now it is a much more pleasant area of the beach.

more and more new restaurants and bars appear from out of nowhere almost every week. An indication of change and that the anticipation of high season is upon us. The last two years have been tough, but if predictions are correct, this years high season should be a welcome return of the millions of tourist that flocked to this wonderful city in years gone by.

There are rumours of casino’s, high speed trains, sky-trains and many other topics for discussion. yes they would all be warmly welcomed. However, those of us who have been here a while will know, from plans on paper to reality, can take a lot longer than expected!

But irrespective of what plans may or may not materialize, one thing is for sure, Pattaya is on the up and things are looking very positive ahead. Those investors who have taken the plunge haven’t done without serious consideration for the future. they know times are changing and they want a part of the influx of commerce that change will bring. Property here will no doubt increase in value as the demand dictates, the question is will you be on the property ladder of will you be looking back with regret you never took action?

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