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Ultimate Guide to Building a Swimming Pool in Your Garden

Ultimate Guide to Building a Swimming Pool in Your Garden

When the summer heat hits with all its might, a swimming pool is the best thing you may have on your property.

One dip and it will help you cool down. You don’t need to plan expensive trips to the seaside in order to get some water action; you just have to step into your garden.

Still, building a swimming pool is not as easy as digging a hole wherever and filling it with water. There are many things to consider, going from the location of the pool to the design that you are planning to adopt. If you thought that building a pool was a breeze, think again; there are many important details that you will not want to miss.

However, you can organize your process by followings the right steps. This guide will come to your aid so that the process is eased up. Once the swimming pool is ready, you will be able to enjoy a nice summer day in the comfort of your own garden.

Considerations When Building a Swimming Pool in Your Garden

When building a swimming pool, there are a few things that you might want to consider – among which are the following:


It’s not really a matter of “if you need a swimming pool”; it’s more on the line of “why would I need that swimming pool, to begin with.” Do you need it for recreation and relaxing on a nice, hot day or do you need it for laps or similar action. This factor can greatly affect the size and depth of your swimming pool.

Once you have figured that out, the other factors will sort themselves out. But before you start putting money in building this swimming pool, ask yourself this question: are you planning to use it often enough to justify the costs?


swimming pools in thailandHow steep is the land where you plan on building your pool? Is it leveled, or does it slope? You can indeed build a pool on a terrain that slopes steeply – but the costs will be much higher. It will be much easier to build the pool on a terrain that is leveled nicely.

Similarly, the size of your garden will also determine the size of the swimming pool. If you have a small garden, you can’t just build a large swimming pool. If you live in an urban area like KhonKaen or Udon Thani, you could also run into restrictions – and this will prevent you from building a pool of a certain size.


The terrain may be nice and leveled – but if the location is not that favorable, that swimming pool is actually more trouble than it’s worth. Before starting to build a swimming pool, you might want to ask yourself these questions first:

  • Will the pool be visible from the inside of your house or will it be hidden?
  • Does the location where you plan to build the swimming pool maximize sun exposure, or do the trees prevent the sun from warming up the water?
  • Will there be any room for guests to hang around the pool if they do not want to swim?
  • Is there anything to protect the pool from the wind?
  • How will you be able to access the pool? What are the circulation routes?
  • Do you have any place to keep your umbrellas, toys, pool cleaner, and other pool equipment?

These factors may not seem very important – but they will certainly turn an average pool into a very convenient one.


There is a variety of materials that you can go for when building a swimming pool – from concrete to vinyl and fiberglass. In Pattaya, for instance, the popular option is concrete but you can go for a variety of other options.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Fiberglass · Durable

· Attractive look

· Easy to maintain

· Simple to install

· Compatible with salt systems

· Rather costly

· The shapes and sizes of the pool are not customizable

Concrete · The shape and size of the pool is customizable

· Durable design

· It requires more maintenance

· Requires a lot of chemical usage

· Not compatible with salt systems

· Fairly costly

· The interior surface is rough

· Can be very slow to install.

Vinyl · Inexpensive upon purchase

· The shapes are customizable

· Maintenance is costly as it requires liner replacements

· Liner warranty is not always straightforward

· They may harbor algae growth

If you want to go for the traditional, less-costly option, you may choose a steel-reinforced swimming pool. This is known to be fairly durable and strong – and it is not that difficult to maintain either. However, new fiberglass technology has been gaining popularity – and it is also said to be far more durable.


Yes, we need to address the elephant in the room now – or should we say, in the garden. That elephant goes under the name of “Budget.” Many pool builders will say that “there’s a swimming pool for every budget” – but most of the time, they can be rather expensive. You should expect to pay a pretty good sum – which is why it is not a great idea to start building after you came back from a holiday.

Below vs. Above Groundbuilding a swimming pool above or under ground here in Thailand

There are two basic ways for you to construct a swimming pool: below ground and above ground. The below-ground option is the most popular one, as it gives off a “cleaner” design and it is nicer to look at. However, the excavation costs of the soil can be rather high.

If you want to go down on the costs, you may opt for an above-ground swimming pool – which is installed without doing any significant damage to the environment. Indeed, this will look much bulkier – but it will be much easier to install compared to the below-ground types. This is a particularly good option if the land you are planning to build it on is steep.


Last but not least, the style of the swimming pool is also important to consider. Do you want a classic, rectangular swimming pool – or do you want one with fancy round corners and special shapes? Bear in mind that the more complex the shape is, the more expensive it will be – so, if you want something unique, you might have to cough up some money.

Next week we look at the Pros and Cons of building a swimming pool by yourself.

If you are looking for a house with a swimming pool already check out these houses that maybe of interest to you. (Swimming Pool Houses and Villas)

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