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Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok

Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok

Differences between Pattaya and Bangkok

One question that arises often is this: between Pattaya and Bangkok, which one is the more appropriate option? You may be planning a trip there, or you may want to take the big leap and move there. Regardless of your intentions, you should always do proper research before diving headfirst.

What are the actual differences there? Which place allows for better public transportation? Which one is cheaper to live in? Also, what are the main tourist attractions in both places? Which one provides you with the most entertainment?

Both cities are as different as they could be – even though both are in Thailand. At the same time, they may be suitable for different groups. For example, while Bangkok may be the perfect holiday spot for you, Pattaya may be more suitable for someone else.

It’s the smaller details that matter – and this article will fill you in on those details.

difference between Pattaya and bangkok

Accommodations in Bangkok vs. Pattaya

When it comes to accommodations, both cities are abundant in everything. No matter if you want to book a hotel room or rent a whole apartment, you can say that if you go in either city, you won’t be sleeping under the stars.

When it comes to booking, however, you might want to start early in Bangkok. Considering that it is the capital of Thailand, many people want to visit it – especially during the high season, when the weather is all nice and warm.

Now, we are not saying that there won’t be any good places left – but there won’t be any left in the good places. And if you do manage to find a place at the last moment, you can be sure it will be quite expensive.

Pattaya is not as expensive when it comes to booking a place, nor is it so crowded. It’s just as beautiful as Bangkok for some people – some considering even more beautiful, since it is a resort city. However, it’s significantly smaller, so people are not crowding to visit it.

For this reason, you may be able to find accommodations in Pattaya even if you aren’t an early bird. If you want to go for the big resorts, you might have to book beforehand. Still, if you want to rent an apartment, for example, using Airbnb, you can find something decent even if you rent it the month before.

Business in Bangkok vs. Pattaya

difference between Pattaya and bangkokNow, this depends on the kind of business that you plan on doing. If you are looking for a job, then Bangkok is the place for you to go. Considering that it spreads over 1,568.7 square kilometers and is home to more than 12% of the Thailand population, you can easily find a job there. It’s the capital – so there will never be a shortage of jobs, regardless of your profession.

Pattaya, on the other hand, is not a major business city, but more of a beach town where people go in order to relax. Unless you have a big establishment that you plan to turn into a resort, there are not many business opportunities in Pattaya.

Now, we are not saying that it is impossible to find a job there. However, it is much easier to find
something in Bangkok – because in Pattaya, you will have to do some digging and wait until a good job pops up.

In this case, Bangkok is the great winner. If you want to establish a business in there, you have a bigger range available – and you are not restricted to the tourist domain.

Costs of Living in Pattaya and Bangkok

The same problem of capital vs. resort area occurs when it comes to living expenses as well. If we’re talking about rent, Bangkok is fairly expensive – mainly because it is the capital and people are swarming in there to get a job. The more people there are, and the more popular the residential area is, the more expensive the rent will be.

The same thing applies to buying a condo or a place to live in. Obviously, Bangkok is more expensive, since it’s the capital, with the highest population. If you want to buy a place closer to the center of a town, it will be more expensive.

While the same thing applies to Pattaya when you try to buy a place in the city center, the prices are lower. An apartment in the center of Pattaya, for instance, will not be as expensive as an apartment in the center of Bangkok.

difference between Pattaya and bangkokThe costs needed for decent living are a lot higher in Bangkok as well – for the same reason. Since the demand is higher on the market, the prices are also significantly higher. With a salary that will just be enough to live an average life in Bangkok, you will be able to be very well-off in Pattaya. This is mainly because Pattaya is not as well-developed as Bangkok – which is why the prices are generally lower there for pretty much everything.

Surprisingly, though, Bangkok is quite affordable when it comes to tourist areas. As a tourist, you will probably not have to spend much on your stay there. However, if you plan on making a move there, you can expect the fares to go up in the non-tourist areas.

The only places where the costs in Bangkok and Pattaya met are the go go bars – most which you can find in find on walking streets. They have relatively the same fares – although Pattaya still has its fair share of bars that are not as expensive. The same thing applies to restaurants and any other establishment.

So, when it comes to cost of living, Pattaya is the clear winner. (Read this article for more information regarding the changes happening in Pattaya) 

Restaurants in Bangkok vs. Restaurants in Pattaya

When you go to a new city, no matter if it is on a vacation or for relocation, you expect to have at least a fair share of places where you can hang around for a meal. It may be after a long day visiting or a long day at work – but there must be at least one place nearby where you can taste some excellent cuisine.

Bangkok is the one that is relatively famous for this, mainly because the place is swarming with diners and restaurants. There are so many places for you to choose from that it’s actually ridiculous.

The best part is that most of them are actually great cuisine. Considering that it is the capital of Thailand, it has a reputation to maintain, after all. If you are looking for Thai food, this is the city that you want to go for.

Bangkok is also packed with places where you can enjoy some nice international food. No matter if you are looking for sushi, steaks, hamburgers, and other common dishes like that, each area in Bangkok will have a place like that nearby.

However, while Bangkok is packed with restaurants galore, this does not mean that Pattaya does not have its fair share as well. There are many great restaurants out there, and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get tired of the food there.

In Pattaya, you may go for anything from seafood restaurants to British and European cuisine – all of which will taste exquisitely. The only issue is that Pattaya does not have as many restaurants as Bangkok – which is why Bangkok wins this category.

Shopping in Pattaya vs. Bangkok

Both places are clad in shops where you can go for souvenirs and unique items. However, if you are short on time, Bangkok is certainly the place to go to. Shops where you can find bags, clothing, and pretty much everything are everywhere in Bangkok. You also have a very large mall where you can do your shopping – all at once, without much walking around. All you will need is a fat wallet.

On the opposite end, Pattaya is not known to be the Mecca for shoppers – particularly if you are short on time. Granted, there are enough places where you can do your shopping in Pattaya as well – but they are not as close to one another as they are in Bangkok. difference between Pattaya and bangkok

Simply put, you will have to walk a fair distance from one place to another – and if you have some
specific things in mind that you wish to buy, you will have to conduct some fair research. Otherwise, you might end up in a shop, only to find out that your items of choice are not even close to what you can find in the store.

However, the prices are lower in Pattaya – so, it should not be ruled out all the way. If you have time on your hand and a tight budget, then you might actually give Pattaya some consideration. It might not even be as inconvenient if you are planning to move there.

However, bear in mind that there are some narrow streets between shops in Pattaya – which is why it is not recommended that you go shopping alone there. You’ll risk bringing unwanted attention to yourself – and let’s face it, it’s not easy to carry all that weight by yourself.

Public Transportation in Pattaya and Bangkok

No matter if you are a tourist or someone planning to become local, you will want to know that you have the means of getting around. In this respect, neither Pattaya nor Bangkok will leave you stranded. Pattaya is a lot smaller compared to Bangkok – which is why it is much easier for you to get around. You have the “baht bus,” which also goes under the name of Singteow. It is practically a vehicle in a pickup truck style that has seating in the back. They can be found all over Pattaya, and they generally go over popular routes.

difference between Pattaya and bangkokIf the baht bus is not your thing and you dislike waiting on it, you can also go for the motorbike taxis. They have a decent price – and considering that the traffic in Pattaya is fairly good, it will be easy for you to go from point A from point B.

Bangkok, on the other hand, has the BTS Skytrain system and the subway. Plus, it has taxis all over – but considering the traffic in Bangkok, you’ll probably get to the destination easier if you choose to go by foot. In this case, the subway and the BTS should be your go to.

Tourist Attractions in Pattaya vs. Bangkok

Bangkok is the “consummate Thai city” – so obviously, it will be packed with a lot of tourist attractions. However, it will depend on what you are looking for. Pattaya is packed with beaches and great views – allowing you to enjoy a nice and relaxing day. Plus, you can also spend your days by visiting places such
as the Sanctuary of Truth, the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, or the Coral Island (Koh Larn). Bangkok, on the other hand, is a metropolis that is packed with all kinds of tourist attractions.

You have the Grand Palace, the Giant Swing, the Lumpini Park, the Floating Market, the Temple of Dawn, Chinatown, sea world, jungle worlds – in other words, you won’t run out of attractions if you decide to go there. You will only need the days to spare, because you’ll have a lot to visit.

When it comes to tourist attractions, both Pattaya and Bangkok have a lot to offer. However, considering that Bangkok is the “bigger fish” here, there will be more attractions for you there. Bangkok also has a better nightlife, which is why it is more appropriate for night owls – no matter if they are tourists or people wanting to move there.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you are looking for activity, Bangkok is the place for you. It has a very active nightlife, lots of places to shop, restaurants galore – the downside being that it’s not very cheap.

However, Pattaya is the choice for those who like the “beach vibe.” It’s very tranquil, and the prices also make it attractive for both tourists and people planning to move there. Still, the downside is that the nightlife is quite boring there – and aside from going to a few bars, there is not much for you to do.

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