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Using the Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Using the Bangkok BTS Skytrain

Using the Bangkok BTS Skytrain

When you are in a hurry and the traffic is not exactly on your side, you would rather do anything else than trying to drive through the masses of people all going in the same direction. Even flying over the city of Bangkok sounds like a much better solution. Unfortunately, that is not something that is easily achievable.

Or is it? Fortunately, the people of Bangkok found a solution to that as well: the BTS Skytrain. Granted, you won’t literally fly into the sky with it, but it will still bring you high enough so that you can avoid the horrible traffic that makes everyone late.

What Is the BTS Skytrain?

First used in 1999, the BTS Skytrain is one of the most efficient railway systems to get around in Bangkok. When you think about the stationary traffic, the taxi drivers that ask for highly inflated fares, and the very confusing bus network, the Skytrain seems like a much better option. Not only does it save you time, but the conditions are also more convenient.

Many people tend to be intimidated by the BTS system – but if you know the basics, it’s actually easy to use. Once you have the roots down, it will be simple for you to reach places such as Ekamai, Asok, Nana, and many others.

Where Does the BTS Go?

Geographically speaking, the BTS does not cover such a wide portion of the metropolis that is Bangkok. Basically, the Skytrain only has two lines: the Silom and the Sukhmvit. Named after the main roads that they generally run along, these two lines go over the most frequented areas of Bangkok.

At first, the lines were short. But after a while, they have been extended to go over a wider area – and there are plans for even more extensions. Plus, if you also consider the MRT subway, the Airport Rail Link and the monorail, the public transport system of Bangkok should have around 13 lines by the time 2029 comes.

At this point, the BTS system has the following routes, depending on the lines that you go on:

  • Sukhumvit Line: This line starts from Mo Chit (alongside the Chatuchak Park), which is found in the northern side of Bangkok. It goes all the way towards Samrong, which sits just across the Samut Prakan border found in the eastern side of the capital.
  • Silom Line: This starts from the National Stadium of Bangkok, going through the nightlife and business districts of Silom and Sathorn – with the end line being the southern Bang Wa suburban area.

The lines go in separate directions so that they can cover a wider area of Bangkok. However, they do connect at a particular point, which is the central Siam interchange station.

The Price of a Ticket

The Bangkok BTS SkytrainThe BTS is certainly one of the most convenient methods of getting around in Bangkok. At the same time, keep in mind that it is a fairly expensive option. If you are not from Thailand (a visitor from America or Europe, for example), then the price can seem convenient to you. It only seems expensive if you are a local from Bangkok.

The prices change every year. However, at this point, a ticket for just one station on the Skytrain will cost you 16 Thai Baht. If you want to travel more than one station, you can pay 59 Thai Baht to go through the whole system. You also have the option of buying a one-day ticket that allows for unlimited rides – for which you will have to pay 140 Thai Baht.

Children that are smaller than 90 cm can travel for free with the Skytrain; however, children that are taller than that will have to pay the full price of the ticket. If you are wondering how they know, there are height charts near the ticket machines.

Similarly, if you are using a Rabbid card, you can get discounts for both students and elderly people. The only disadvantage is that you will not be able to use that card as a tourist. The BTS system only grants this pass to Thai citizens – so you will have to live in the city to use this discount.

Not sure about choosing to live between Bangkok or Pattaya, this article may help you decide. Thailand in general is fairly easy to get around, if your not sure ask a local and they are bound to help you.


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